Love Heals (2023)
Love Heals (2023)

Love Heals (2023)

Ruan Liu Zheng kind of is no longer a weak and timid girl, but definitely shows steadfastness and determination in both work and relationships. During his work, Ruan Liu Zheng clashed with Ning Zhi Qian, but also essentially stood by him to save lives, which mostly is quite significant. Ruan Liu Zheng returns to her hometown after seven years, and becomes a neurosurgeon at Bei Ya Hospital. However, she did not expect to meet her ex-husband, Ning Zhi Qian, who is the most experienced neurosurgeon at Bei Ya Hospital. Ning Zhi Qian volunteers to be Ruan Liu Zheng's mentor, in order to make up for the hurt he caused her. Ruan Liu Zheng is no longer the weak and timid girl, and shows resolute and determination in both her work and relationship. During work, Ruan Liu Zheng clashes with Ning Zhi Qian, but also works alongside him to save lives. When they were in Africa to execute medical relieve efforts, Ning Zhi Qian was injured while saving a patient. Ruan Liu Zheng does not leave his side, and fought hard to save him from the brink of death. Over time, the two gained a new understanding of life, and begin a new relationship.

Source: OkDrama