True Man
True Man

True Man

As Air Force mechanic Mr Lee (Chia translation ornaments) and "Black Five" child Xu Ting (left Xiaoqing ornaments) deeply in love, but was Liu grew up with his comrades all have to report, was forced to veterans. After returning home, because of Xu Ting and set off a huge family waves. Faced with the enormous pressure of Xu Li Ting mother left a suicide note sad to leave, Mr Lee near collapse. When Xu Ting again, that Mr Lee Xu Ting has died already and sincere and heartless Tim (Zhu Rui ornaments) married. And to Mr Lee La Hukou and children with a variety of raw flutter sham marriages and Mr Lee. More than regrettable that the two Acts sigh, missed again. Xu Ting for illegal immigrants to go abroad, the two daughters reluctantly asked Fu Guosheng north. While striving for Sun's mother found Tim Lee is dissatisfied since the innate conception difficulties. Intention forbear Tim Xu Ting was surprised to discover that the two letters addressed to Mr Lee still love each other. Heartbroken horse divorce and Mr Lee added sadly. Who knows accidentally, and this has been calm and thought the whole body of Mr Lee on raising her daughter because the sense of justice and indeed once again got into trouble. Some truth throughout, but never cease churning destiny.

Source: OkDrama